Welcome to Cooperantes

It’s been sometime since I wanted to kick off a blog like this one that has just been released, so I welcome any of you who may be reading this right now coming either by chance, by google :-), or because someone told you about this ( difficult, as this is the initial post :-)). Anyhow, my name is David Gonzalez and with these lines I intend to share with the world with work in the field of cooperation for development throught its different faces.
COOPERANTES is the «brand» I choose to present my professional work, as SAHEL Solutions is the name I have chosen for my freelance activities as ICT expert. It’s been always my part of my life to work with computers and the internet, and so I decided to apply that knowledge in the field of cooperation for development. I am committed right now to reduce the digital gap among developed and developing countries and I hope to share some of the work done on this subject here. Welcome once more to this tiny corner of the net and see you soon back, I promise to keep this as updated as possible, time allowing it.